• City:Dusseldorf / Germany 
  • Travel availability: worldwide 
  • Languages: German 
  • Age: 21 
  • Height: 170 
  • Weight: 53 
  • Hair color: brown 
  • Eye color: blue 
  • Natural breast: Yes 
  • Tattoo/Piercings: No 
Members Club only
  • Search for Sugar Daddy:no 
  • Search for Marriage:no 
  • Search for submissive sponsor:no 
  • Monthly Budget Expectations: € 
Book Model Description

This model provides escort in Bonn.


"Hello, sweetie, and welcome to my site. I'm so glad you found your way here. My name is Alessia and I am ready to be your sweet Eastern European escort lady. I originally come from Eastern Europe, as the name suggests, but now I live in Germany. North Rhine-Westphalia, to be exact. That means I can visit you in cities like Düsseldorf or Cologne, Essen or Wuppertal. In fact, I can visit you in any major city in Germany or Europe - of course the Eastern European escort lady will arrive earlier if you book me in North Rhine-Westphalia.

With me, your Eastern European escort lady, you can go directly to your side to a big event in the city where you live or are. Examples are film premieres, shopping events, Formula 1, concerts and performances... I don't mind as long as I'm with you and can enjoy your company while you enjoy my company. Depending on where you take the Eastern European escort lady, I'll make sure I dress to impress - to match the event, so I don't look too kitschy but not too fancy. So you take care of where to take me and I take care of the rest. Do you have any idea where you want to take me?

If you're not into big events like the ones mentioned above, why don't we have dinner together? Just you and your sweet Eastern European escort lady. We can try the local cuisine (German food is delicious!). But I miss my food from home in Eastern Europe...) as well as some local beers and wines. I love a good beer! But I also love wine - so you can decide what we drink! We can talk to each other about our lives, about politics, music, art... I don't mind. The Eastern European escort lady is only here to spend a nice time with you, so that you can choose the theme that makes you feel comfortable with me. How about we return to you after dinner or after the event, depending on where you take me? We could go to your hotel room and undress, enjoy each other's company, maybe even enjoy each other's bodies... just make sure you hang the "don't disturb" sign in front of your door. We don't want anyone interrupting our hot and passionate show in the bedroom, do we? Besides, the Eastern European escort lady wants to be in the right condition because I am giving you pleasure you have never felt before... I can hardly wait! And I don't want to be disturbed when I do!

If you have decided that I am the perfect Eastern European escort lady for you, please contact the escort service and ask for me. As I said, I can visit you in any German or European city, but North Rhine-Westphalia is a perfect destination.
I can't wait to meet you soon!."



1h: 200 € 
2h: 350 € 

450 € 



600 € 

Dinnerdate: 550 € 
Overnight: 850 € 
24h: 1400 €